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If this week’s Bulletin TV had to have a theme, it would be ‘flying’.
We’ve got a ‘flying’ mountain bike, a ‘flying’ dirtbike, a ‘flying’ BASE-jumper, ‘flying’ rugby tackles … oh, and we’ve got a pilot, who is also, you’ve got it – flying!
OK, so the last one, Red Bull Air Race champ Paul Bonhomme, below centre, is no great surprise – and we don’t literally mean flying in the other instances, but you catch the drift that we’re talking a fast-paced show here. A REALLY fast-paced show!


null Red Bull



Tune in and you’ll see a pair of two-wheeled champions, Gee Atherton on mountain bike and David Knight on dirtbike, find out who can get from the top of Ben Nevis to the bottom fastest – and stay in one piece while doing it!
It’s petrol versus pedal – and when you put two world champions head-to-head it’s always closer – and even faster - than you’d think. They are FLYING down that mountain!
You can also see BASE-jumper Felix Baumgartner, below, climb a skyscraper and then take the really, REALLY fast way down.





And if that’s not enough speed, watch Paul Bonhomme fly his plane faster than should be possible around the toughest aeronautical assault courses in the world. The less ‘fast’ part of Bonhomme’s appearance is when he tries to show Aidan and Daniella how to land an aircraft. In this instance, we’d suggest getting out of the way … FAST.
Then we’ve got some fast-tackling rugby players helping Sir Isaac Newton explain how physics combines with physicality to allow big men to knock each other over. Again, pretty fast.
Former Ireland hooker Bernard Jackman carries on the rugby theme in the ‘white room’ as he shows that even really big, strong men have to pay a heavy physical toll to compete at the top level. OK, that part isn’t fast, but the ouch-factor will get your heart-rate up at least.
The one man music sensation that is Neosupervital (or Tim O’Donovan as he’s known to his friends) provides the musical interest in this week’s show – and you’d need to be fast to keep up with the dynamic Irish artist.
So tune in, sit back and let us do the fast stuff for you.
Bulletin TV is on RTÉ Two this Thursday at 7pm. You can see previous episodes on RTÉ Player.







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