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This week Bulletin TV returns from its Thanksgiving special across the Atlantic to bring you a show packed with Irish action and athletes.
The show sees Irish motorcyclists Eugene Laverty, below, and Johnny Rea in action and Daniella finds out the story of their hard-fought seasons. Tune in to see a blow-by-blow account of their championship battles. 


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Back in Dublin, skateboarding wonder-kid Keith Walsh talks with Aidan about the Irish skate scene and lays on a mind-boggling exhibition of his board-flipping skills.
Gaelic football star Dermot Earley is in the ‘white room’ showing just how tough a toll the rough and tumble of GAA has taken on his body.
Meanwhile, on the music front, Monaghan musician Ryan Sheridan takes a walk with Aidan through Temple Bar and tells him how busking for tourists turned into an international recording career.
There’s also a chance to catch up with Sir Isaac Newton and see exactly how the laws of physics conspire to put those soccer penalty kicks into the top corner - IF they’re taken properly that is!
And if that’s not enough, free-running king Ryan Doyle, below, catches up with Aidan in Dublin and explains how free-running has evolved from ‘simple’ jumping and rolling across rooftops, steps, railings and walls into an art form.


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Bulletin TV is on RTÉ  Two at 7pm on Thursday. You can see previous episodes on RTÉ Player.




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