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In the final episode of this series, Bulletin TV gets into the Christmas spirit with a snow special featuring snowboards, skis (and lots of jumping!).
Top snowboarders Shaun White, below, Martin Cernik and free skier Richard Permin carve up the snow, making amateurs look like, well, turkeys. 




Then we slow things down just a little bit as Irish Olympic skiers Tamsin and Kirsty McGarry teach Aidan and Daniella the secrets of speedy skiing, before a final boy versus girl race to decide who really is Bulletin TV’s top dog.
Those who’ve watched the rest of the series will know it’s currently one each in a best of three between the two presenters, so tune in to see who really is best, boys or girls!
Meanwhile, downhill mountain bike world record holder Markus Stoeckl, below, goes faster than should be humanly (or sanely) possible down a snowy mountain on his bike. Look, no brakes!


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Sir Isaac Newton’s formulas are back under the spotlight as we see how physics and physicality combine to allow ski jumpers to fly those huge distances through the air.
And as usual there is some great music as we get under the skin of Irish rockers Vengeance and the Panther Queen.
To see previous shows you can go to RTÉ Viewer.


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