Red Bull Flugtag Twin Cities 2010 Red Bull Photofiles

 It’s the fifth time the event has landed on Ireland’s shores, having touched down here for the first time in 1999, and this year’s antics promise to be even more unpredictable.

Dublin has the honour of hosting the 100th Red Bull Flugtag, and the show will be fittingly grand: more than 40,000 people are expected to pack the harbour to see up to 40 teams undertake their aerial endeavours. For the teams it’s a labour of love and lunacy: most of the flying machines take around 1,000 hours to produce.

Since its debut in Austria in 1991, Red Bull Flugtag has travelled the globe, from Miami to Marseille to Moscow, during which time everything from a grand piano to a giant pair of false teeth has been launched into the narrow blue yonder.

The distance record, set last year in the US at a Red Bull Flugtag in St Paul, Minnesota, stands at an impressive 63m. However, victory also rests on the flight crew’s look and feel. In addition, teams have 30 seconds atop the 30m ramp to impress the judging panel with a ‘performance’, before launching off the ramp for flight and the inevitable 6m drop into the water.


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