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Paper Plane World Championships Ready for Takeoff!!!

Registering may be simple, but winning Red Bull Paper Wings is a very different matter indeed. With just a sheet of paper, plenty of ideas, strong or skilful upper arms and a healthy portion of idealism, you can go down in sporting history. The activity once practised in Ancient China to pass the time has come a long way and next May paper airplane enthusiasts from all around the globe will meet again to fight it out in this unique event for the title of Red Bull Paper Wings world champion!

However, competitors wanting to battle at the World Final in Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Austria on 4 – 5 May 2012 will first have to prove themselves against the best flyers from their respective countries in national qualifying rounds. For more information on how to take part visit: www.redbullpaperwings.com

The 2009 season saw over 37,000 competitors from 83 countries take part in 613qualification rounds across the world with the aim of soaring into the main event where winners were crowned in the categories Longest Airtime and Longest Distance and Aerobatics. Representing Ireland in 2009, aeronautical engineering student James Geraghty from Swinford hit an incredible distance of 26 metres with his paper plane. Also representing Ireland was Marshall Kingston from Sutton who managed a paper plane flight of 6.6seconds, while Adam Sheppard from Leixlip wowed the crowds with his 20 second aerobatic display.

This is your chance to represent Ireland so start folding!!!



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