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This St. Patrick’s Day, Cork’s river Lee will host an innovative event concept, inspired by tradition!

‘Red Bull City Currach’ is a high octane revamp of traditional currach racing & will take place right in the heart of Cork City!
This new sporting concept is inspired by the spirit of our unique seafaring heritage & will see crews from around Ireland do battle for ultimate honours.

Red Bull City Currach will begin at 11.45am, taking place directly before the City Parade, in the section of river along Merchant’s Quay between Brian Boru Bridge & St. Patrick’s Bridge.
The event will see both local & visiting crews compete in a series of heats & a final showdown, with each currach manned by four oarsmen.
Renowned Cork based boat builders ‘Meitheal Mara’ will supply lightweight, streamlined currachs, which will be used by all competitors.

Red Bull City Currach offers a brand new racing format that places large demands on the competing athletes.
It requires technique, power, concentration & sharp reaction speed!!
The demanding course is designed to create highly competitive, lung bursting racing & will feature fiercely competitive crews from along the west coast.

As opposed to a straight ‘dash’, crews will have to slalom their way through a course of buoys, without dropping speed & complete two laps of this gruelling course.

Because the route is narrow (a fraction of standard currach racing) and a set of buoys must be navigated – this will ensure each race places huge demands on the crews – requiring strength to power the boat, skill to manoeuvre around the buoys & mental awareness to ensure they don’t crash into their direct competition!

The winning crew will receive an all expenses trip to one of Red Bull’s premier international events. This will include flights, accommodation and access to event functions.

Will Cork take the honours or will the bragging rights head further west?
Come along & find out for yourself!!

Red Bull City Currach
March 17th - Merchants Quay Cork
Event Begins – 11.45am

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